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I➨ El conocer otras personas por Internet, quieras o no tiene sus ventajas. Siempre no vas a tener ni tiempo, ni ganas de salir de noche a un local o a un pub;.

How's it going, eh? So, like, this is by request. Ok - so a listener asked if we had enough Canadian artists to make a podcast. Of course we do - more than enough! So put on your toque, fire up some back bacon, grab a cold one and listen to this podcast full of tunes from our friends in the Great White North. This week marks the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 and the first time a man set foot on the moon. In honor of that, we decided to take a trip into space with a selection of space tunes event the pickiest of astronauts could appreciate!

Welcome to August, As we we slowly start heading into pumpkin spice season, we refuse to let go of summer! This month we bring you some hot hits and shiny tunes, guaranteed to keep you warm without the fear of awkward tan lines. Welcome to July Hot weather and hot music to go along with it.

Got us a podcast going, and this one is great if you're poolside, in traffic, or whatever you're doing. Hey gang! Welcome to June Roxy has graced us with her presence, and were doing better than ever!

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So kick back and enjoy another fantastic dose of Alternative 80s! Hoppy April - Springtime, Easter candy, bunnies and the sort. Of course it means the sweet taste of Alternative 80's. This podcast selects promises to steer you clear of the dentist - enjoy! Saying farewell to great musicians from the 80's is starting to happen way too often, but I guess it's part of life. Instead of sadness, let's celebrate by enjoying the awesome music we've been given.

While they may have passed away, their legacy lives on in their musical contributions. Download March Another Valentine's Day has passed us by without us dedicating a podcast to it! Instead, great stuff, some even from the 70's. A podcast for you fans who asked for a Dr Demento style podcast! Parodies and original comedy of the kind you would find on the Dr Demento show.

Never heard of Dr D? Well, you're in for a treat. It's - time to once again fire up those Walkmans and jam to some awesome 80's tunes, some you know, some you dont Happy New Year! This time we bring you a look back at - the top 25 Alternative hits.

Perfect music for your New Year's Eve hangover recovery. Christmas is here once again, so let's all have some fun. Don't forget 10 pints a night, and don't forget to come Merry Christmas faithful listeners, and new ones as well! We've been slowly transferring a lot of our 12" vinyl remixes to digital, and I'm happy to say the project is almost complete! I really need to resist the temptation to just play them all at once, but that's no fun. So enjoy this podcast's lovely selection of rare and not so rare music!

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Another fright fest is upon us - time for a ghoulish treat! We didn't go so deep this year, we tried to keep it light and fun, but still with an alternative touch. Happy Halloween!


Download Halloween As the summer winds down sort of here in the states, we figured this would be a good week for some simple, feel-good hits from the 80's. Welcome to mid-year! Where has the summer gone? We thought it would be nice to focus this podcast on German artists. We've done a couple of other countries in the past, and figured Germany deserved the spotlight this time around.

So crank it up and enjoy! Hey there Alt80 fans! Uhm - when did July happen? She never came back. There is no evidence that Edie ever had a sexual relationship with Bob Dylan. However, she did have one with Bob Neuwirth. The only true, passionate, and lasting love scene, and I practically ended up in the psychopathic ward. I had really learned about sex from him, making love, loving, giving. It just completely blew my mind — it drove me insane. I was like a sex slave to this man. I could make love for forty-eight hours, forty-eight hours, forty-eight hours, without getting tired.

One of the women featured on the inner sleeve was Edie Sedgwick. Some of the songs were rumored to be about Edie. And Andy.

The supposed film with Dylan never materialized although D. Bobby Neuwirth helped Pennebaker edit the footage. Her footage was replaced with a shot of Nico with colored lights projected on her face with Velvet Underground music in the background. At the end of , Eddie, who had been living in the Chelsea Hotel for a few months, went home for the Christmas holidays. It made everyone uncomfortable. A painted doll, wobbly, languishing around on chairs, trying to look like a vamp. Later that night her parents gave her some nembutal so that she could sleep.

At one point they woke her up and told her she had a temperature of and needed to be taken to the hospital. Although she thought she was just going to a normal hospital, they actually took her in a police car to the County Hospital to have her committed to the psychiatric ward. When Edie got out of the hospital, she moved back to Manhattan to the Chelsea Hotel Room and continued to take drugs.

Bob Neuwirth eventually left her in early , unable to deal with her drug taking and erratic behaviour. We actually set up a charge account at Dr.

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Roberts office…. Shooting got so unpredictable. There was one scene in which Paul America was supposed to drop off Jane Holzer at the heliport at the Pan Am building. We filmed him driving up up and letting her out and then driving off. He was supposed to drive around the block and be available for more footage to the scene. But he just kept on going. We had to get permission from the Governor to film him in jail and try to integrate that into the footage.

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On October 24, And I agree. I think they do. When she came out, she moved in with L. Kit Carson who had written a film he wanted Edie to be in. They had an affair and moved into the Warwick hotel posing as man and wife. Unable to cope with her drug addiction and erratic behaviour, Carson moved out. Several days later Edie was committed to Bellevue Hospital.

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After contacting her private physician she was let out of Bellevue, but was later committed to the Manhattan State Hospital after a drug overdose. Eventually she was well enough to live in town and got an apartment in Isla Vista near U. Santa Barbara. She was hospitalized again in August of in the psychiatric ward of Cottage Hospital after being busted for drugs by the local police.

While in hospital she met another patient, Michael Post, who she would later marry. When Edie got out of the hospital, she hung around with a group of bikers called the Vikings. For the shock treatment segment in the film, a real clinic was used and Edie knew exactly how the gag should be placed and how the airway went in. He authorized the new ones because he thought Edie could be close to suicidal. Edie married Michael Post on July 24, She stopped drinking and taking pills until October when pain medication was given to her to treat a physical illness.